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Sep '04

Masters Of Java

Fast paced Java programming contest - solve a problem set within thirty minutes and score a point for each second remaining. See if you are faster than the rest !

From the team that brought you JavaToo and in association with the NL-JUG we are proud to present 'Masters of Java 2004' - a high speed Java programming contest held in November 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

For more information visit the NL-JUG website (dutch). New : Masters of Java is now available as Open Source software, complete with documentation and all. Visit the MoJ website for downloads etc.

A big part of the development of the programming game engine was made possible by 'Twee-en-veertig' who generously allowed me to do some serious programming during business hours - now where do you find such an employer ? - Thanks Eric !

Technologies : J2SE1.4.2, Inprocess Compiling, Client-Server, Sandboxed Security Model, Secure ClassLoaders