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Joy of Coding

I'm co-organizer of Joy of Coding - a Rotterdam based conference that celebrates the art, craft, science and joy of software development!

Oct '19

Decompiling Kotlin

Decompiling Kotlin Presented at NL-JUG JFall 2019, this talk takes my Kotlin research from a year ago and puts in a entertaining journey along some of the language features of Kotlin and how they look decompiled into Java or in bytecode form. This talk was rated as the 7th best talk at NL-JUG JFall out of about 50. Learn more..

May '18

Game of Trades

Game of Trades Presented at Codemotion 2018, Amsterdam. Game of Trades is of course inspired by Game of Thrones and tells the tale of a trader in Westeros. Part of the Curriculum at the Hague University it teaches students various algorithms such as Fastest Path, Travelling Sales Person and Optimalization techniques in a fun environment. Learn more..

Nov '15

Review and Hack Workshop

Review and Hack Workshop This workshop was presented at NLJUG JFall 2015 on November 5th. It teaches the participants how to analyse source code for vulnerabilities and demonstrate them. Learn more..

Mar '14

Hack your own WebApp

Hack your own WebApp I presented this workshop on the Joy of Coding 2014. Its purpose is teach web developers how to use existing open source 'hacker' tools to test their web application for security problems. More than 50 people attended the workshop and it was regarded as one of the best of the conference. Learn more..