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Joy of Coding

I'm co-organizer of Joy of Coding - a Rotterdam based conference that celebrates the art, craft, science and joy of software development!

Jul '20

Maize Mazes

Maize Mazes I was asked to design a maize maze and in the process I accidentally built maize maze design software, which came to good use because the design always changes :) Also the one maze became two. With COVID firm in mind, the maze was designed with 3 meter wide paths so everyone can pass each other safely. Learn more..

Jun '20


Overthrown Perhaps you've clung to power for too long. With protests in the street and the army on the hand of the opposition it is time to grab the money and go! Escape on foot, by car and plane to your tropical island to retire peacefully, if you can get there alive! Expect fierce resistance in this VIC-20 action game where you play the bad guy! Learn more..

Oct '18

Fire Breath

Fire Breath A relic from the past. I recently revived my C64 and found one of the games I made. I remember to have tried to get it published but the disk was returned witout comment so I suppose it was not good enough :-) Anyway, after having lied dormant for 26 years, I present to you: Fire Breath. Learn more..

Jan '17

The Silence of the Stones

The Silence of the Stones Another relic from the past. I loved text adventures and wrote quite a few of my own. This is one I wrote in English. You'll have to forgive me the spelling mistakes though :) Also I recovered the original 'designs' - two sheets of paper with the map, solutions and memory addresses. Learn more..

Mar '13


Cloudie For a project I needed to inspect the contents of a Openstack Storage repository and explore the capabilities of the JOSS library. The result is this small, useful explorer like application. Learn more..

Jan '13


TPS to CSV Clarion TPS is proprietary file format that holds table based data. I needed a tool that could extract the data from those files in bulk. I could not find such tooling, so I had to reverse engineer the file format. Learn more..

Dec '11

Fortress Unlimited

Fortress Unlimited The world is in peril once again.. An evil mastermind has abducted leading scientists to construct a doomsday device in an underground fortress filled with traps and defences. Are you skilled enough to destroy the doomsday device, rescue the scientists and save the world while you're at it? Learn more..

Apr '11

Android Sonar Monitor

Android Sonar Monitor I was surprised that it didn't exist. I mean, there are similar apps for the other elements in our continuous integration environment, like Bamboo and Jira. But an app for checking the software quality status in Sonar didn't exist yet. So I decided to write one. Learn more..

Mar '11

Mutually Assured Destruction

Mutually Assured Destruction I've always loved the classic movie War Games, so when Robert asked me if I could make something special for a company event I knew just what to make: Turnbased Nuclear War. Interestingly enough the whole Cold War political situation proved to be an excellent metaphor for real life project situations. Learn more..

Dec '09

Throwing balls

Throwing balls Demonstration of a game where you have to throw real balls (or anything actually) at a screen to knock over virtual cans. Learn more..

Jan '09

Fortress 4K

Fortress 4K Trapped in a underground fortress, 4 scientists are waiting to be rescued by you, the Armies most skilled helicopter pilot. If all the blockades, laser cannons and misile turrets are not enough, the swift rescue of the scientists is also hindered by the complex layout of the fortress itself, requiring impressive navigational skills. Fortunately you have your SX-4096 helicopter to aid you in your quest. Learn more..

Feb '08

Life As War

Life As War Ever wondered what Conway's Game of Life would be if two tribes of cells would fight for dominance ? Well now is your chance. Devise cunning groups of cells that quickly expand so that you can claim the blue area. Unfortunately your opponent tries the same with yours :-) Learn more..

Jul '07

SunSPOT Adventures

SunSPOT Adventures SunSPOT means Small Programmable Object Technology. From Sun microsystems. And really cool. They are really like embedded devices and you can program them in Java with full IDE and debug support. Aka embedded software made easy. Unfortunately they are quite unavailable in Europe. But fortunately I was able to borrow a development kit from the NL-JUG. And so a series of fun projects started.. Learn more..

Feb '07


CubeAtck Defend your sphere of influence against the marauding cubes who are after your only defence against the Red Void : Your 8 rings of protection. Once they are gone, all hope is lost and the game ends. But do not fear, your rings of protection have a powerful defence mechanism. And so the Endless War begins ! Learn more..

Jul '06

MoJ Eclipse Plugin

MoJ Eclipse Plugin The Masters of Java Assignment Eclipse 3.1 plugin makes it easy to develop new Masters of Java assignments. Masters of Java is a fast paced programming competition environment. Learn more..

Feb '06


iRcxCtrl Originally I wrote iRcxCtrl as an API to for controlling the RXC using the infrared tower. That was back in 1998. Recently I revived the code for doing a Robot with a webcam prototype. Learn more..

Jan '06


Jyruss Spiralling through space you encounter Endless Hordes of Mutated Aliens which Try To Kill you! There is only one way to survive, Kill'em all ! So much for the plot. Its shmup, so who cares anyway. The interesting bit is that this game in only 4k in size (compressed and obfuscated) and has pseudo 3d graphics and sound effects (if you play it on a JDK :-). Learn more..

Jan '06

2D Puzzle

2D Puzzle Will all the pieces fit on the board? They should, but it's harder than it looks. Somehow this rather fun puzzle game came into my hands in physical form and I was so intrigued that I made a computer version of it (complete with auto-solver :-) and lotsa bells and whistles. Learn more..

Oct '05

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune If you ever have an occasion where you have to give lotsa prizes away, to lotsa people and you dont want the hassle with names and tickets and such this little program may be just the thing you're looking for. Learn more..

Sep '04

Masters Of Java

Masters Of Java Fast paced Java programming contest - solve a problem set within thirty minutes and score a point for each second remaining. See if you are faster than the rest ! Learn more..

Apr '04

Site Generator

Site Generator Site Generator generates a complete website on the basis of an XML document and a series of templates and resources. Maintenance of your website has never been so easy, if you just want a static website. Learn more..

Jan '04

Mobile Guide

Mobile Guide A detailed map of the city center of Rotterdam on your mobile phone. Contains listings of Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and Disco's. Has various filtering options. Map can updated online. Learn more..

Dec '03

MIDP CodeGenerator

MIDP CodeGenerator The MIDP CodeGenerator was created to solve the problem of making phone specific versions of the same Java program. Learn more..

Dec '03

Package Inc.

Package Inc. Three levels of focussed action on your mobile phone set in the post 9/11 age. Make sure the packages fall into the right trucks. Beware of bombs ! Please your boss ! And more in this game that will run on any Java enabled phone. Learn more..

Aug '03


aMaze From a facination for mazes came this visual programming environment. Guide your intrepid adventurer through a maze of passages all alike. Armed with just a lantern, 2 colored markers and hopefully a clever algorithm. Suitable for non programmers. Learn more..