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Aug '03


From a facination for mazes came this visual programming environment. Guide your intrepid adventurer through a maze of passages all alike. Armed with just a lantern, 2 colored markers and hopefully a clever algorithm. Suitable for non programmers.

Through perils unknown and dangers untold you have to guide your intrepid adventurer to the center of the labyrinth. Using 20+ different tiles each with unique capabilities you can layout a guiding pattern for the adventurer to follow. Once the center has been reached, the adventurer will claim his prize. But the adventure is only half over ! Can he find his way back ?

Requirements : Java Runtime Environment 1.4.1 or better.
Technologies : J2SE 1.4.1, Eclipse IDE

Play it online or download the full version with sourcecode here .

aMaze is published under the GNU Public Licence (GPL).