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Android Sonar Monitor

Metrics everywhere you go!

Android Sonar Monitor

I was surprised that it didn't exist. I mean, there are similar apps for the other elements in our continuous integration environment, like Bamboo and Jira. But an app for checking the software quality status in Sonar didn't exist yet. So I decided to write one.

The Android Sonar Monitor uses the Sonar REST API to login and retrieve a list of available projects and relevant metrics such as lines of code, code coverage, complexity and rules compliance. Typically the things you need to evaluate the state of a project at a glance prior to a stand-up or a more formal meeting. Oh well, lets have a screenshot:


From left to right you see an icon indicating the overall state of the project, the name of the project and then below that the various metrics also with color indicators.

To use the Android Sonar Monitor you need to have a Sonar server of at least version 2.5 that can be reached on the internet or, slightly less useful, using a wireless connection.

It can be installed on the Android Market , free of charge. If you have a feature request or encounter any bugs please let me know.

The logo on the screen, in case you are wondering, is that of my employer, 42 . If you need quality Java software engineers give them a call!