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Dec '03

Package Inc.

Three levels of focussed action on your mobile phone set in the post 9/11 age. Make sure the packages fall into the right trucks. Beware of bombs ! Please your boss ! And more in this game that will run on any Java enabled phone.

In this game you work on the expedition department of a B ig company called Package Inc . Guess what their business is :-) Right, stuff with packages. And you are the one who has to sort them according to color and place them in the correct truck using a series of highly advanced switches and conveyor belts.This is more difficult that it sounds and a lot of more fun too. Especially when I have added B ombs and Bomb Detectors !

Requirements : Any MIDP 1.0 phone with at least 96x96 pixel color display. Tested on a Nokia 7650.
Technologies : MIDP 1.0, Wireless Toolkit 1.04, J2SE 1.4.1, Eclipse IDE
Download : Use your WAP phone to connect to :