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Mandatory Movies

I love movies, especially if they have a dystopian theme to it. Some of the best:

Mutually Assured Destruction

A computer assisted 'board game' for 36 people.

Mutually Assured Destruction

I've always loved the classic movie War Games, so when Robert asked me if I could make something special for a company event I knew just what to make: Turnbased Nuclear War. Interestingly enough the whole Cold War political situation proved to be an excellent metaphor for real life project situations.

In a parallel universe, the Cold War didn't end, it just continued. There are three fractions: The Communists, The Democrats and The Theocrats.

Each fraction tries to gain as much influence in the world as possible by 'convincing' independent nations of the benefits of their doctrine.

Within each fraction there are Super Powers that, although they share the same ideology, are still competing with each other on economic, political and military grounds. The leader of each Super Power is the President who, together with his General, Diplomat and Minister of Economic affairs, needs to lead his country to victory. As the president is incapable of doing anything without the aid of others, he must show great leadership. Especially when Swiss Bank Accounts are involved.

Report of a session in March 2011

Winning can be done on three levels:

  • The Ideology with the most Independent Nations that share its world views wins.
  • The Super Power with the most Population and Economic, Military and Political influence wins.
  • And for each role, the person with the most money in his Swiss Bank Account wins.

End Game Movie

Game Design Robert Bor, Erik Hooijmeijer
Software Erik Hooijmeijer
Feelies Michiel
World Map World Map Alteration by linkitch used with permission
Launch Sound Alarm001.wav by HardPCM
End Game Music Mars from The Planets by Holst as performed by the The United States Air Force Band