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Jan '04

Mobile Guide

A detailed map of the city center of Rotterdam on your mobile phone. Contains listings of Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and Disco's. Has various filtering options. Map can updated online.

An idea which started almost 2 years ago has now become a reality. An complete city guide on your mobile phone with an online update system and several maps available soon. The maps have a variety of filtering options and indepth display of points of interest.

Currently the only map available is the map of Rotterdam, but thanks to 3Lobyte soon the Tower of London guide will be available too.

Requirements : Any MIDP 1.0 phone with at least 96x48 pixel gray-scale display. Tested on a Nokia 7650 and 3510i.
Technologies : MIDP 1.0, Wireless Toolkit 1.04, J2SE 1.4.1, Eclipse IDE, MIDP Code-Generation Tool
Download : Use your WAP phone to connect to :