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Dec '11

Fortress Unlimited

The world is in peril once again.. An evil mastermind has abducted leading scientists to construct a doomsday device in an underground fortress filled with traps and defences. Are you skilled enough to destroy the doomsday device, rescue the scientists and save the world while you're at it?

Fortress Unlimited

click on the image to start the game or download the executable jar file.


  • Defeat the Evil Mastermind and his giant FlyingSourcer
  • Rescue the Scientists for special weapons or extra lives
  • Return to the Surface


Your helicopter can be controlled using the WSAD or cursor keys. The primary weapon is fired using Space or Enter. Secondary weapon selection is done by the number keys and firing using Ctrl.

Its also possible to control the helicopter with the mouse, click to move, right click to shoot.


All software, graphics and sound by me, except for the following Creative Commons licensed resources:
Resource Author
Photo of Mt. Etna gnuckx
gunshot-1-lo.wav cyberkineticfilms
helicopter-inside-cabin-lo.wav klankbeeld
jacobsladdersingle2.wav halleck
nu-g-l-ch-mplez-6-i.wav hello-flowers
140bpm303muf-lo.wav sleep
explosion-4-lo.wav jobro
bgm-71-tow-missile-launch-1-no-echo.wav qubodup


Version 0.4.3.beta (29-12-2011)

  • Fluffy stars as Dr. Evil
  • Power Cores and Tesla Towers
  • Rockets only launch if you are above them.
  • New maze

Version 0.4.2.beta (21-12-2011)

  • Initial Version