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Jan '09

Fortress 4K

Trapped in a underground fortress, 4 scientists are waiting to be rescued by you, the Armies most skilled helicopter pilot. If all the blockades, laser cannons and misile turrets are not enough, the swift rescue of the scientists is also hindered by the complex layout of the fortress itself, requiring impressive navigational skills. Fortunately you have your SX-4096 helicopter to aid you in your quest.


  • Rescue the 4 scientists scattered around the fortress.
  • Use the radar (bottom right) to find them.
  • The game is over when all your helicopters are lost.
  • The game is controlled using the keyboard.
  • Use W, S, A and D keys move the helicopter.
  • Use SPACE to fire the onboard cannon.


The fortress is randomly generated each time you start a game. There are 5 different enemies and obstacles to overcome, including wall lasers and missile turrets.

Requirements : Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or better.
Technologies : J2SE 1.5, Eclipse IDE

Play / Download

Play it online using Java WebStart or download the executable jar file here .

This game is a contestant in the J4K2009 competition. It ended as #10. Read the review here.