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Feb '07


Defend your sphere of influence against the marauding cubes who are after your only defence against the Red Void : Your 8 rings of protection. Once they are gone, all hope is lost and the game ends. But do not fear, your rings of protection have a powerful defence mechanism. And so the Endless War begins !

The rings defence mechanism take the form of a Triangle with 2 weapon systems:
  1. a Line cannon that eliminates the cubes and feeds their energy into a Ring Factory. Kill 10 cubes of the same color and gain a Ring of Protection. You'll need them !
  2. powerful blast blocks that allow you to remove any squares on the Rings of protection. This only works when the Line cannon is not firing.
Use [Left] and [Right] cursor keys to move and press [Space] to fire your Line cannon. Press [Enter] to start.

Play it online using Java WebStart or download the executable jar file here .

Score Table
Green Cubes 1 pt
Red Cubes 2 pt
Purple Cubes 2 pts
Yellow Cubes 2 pts
Cube on Ring 5 pts
Pink Cube 100 pts
White Cube Gun upgrade
Gray Cube Speed upgrade

May the Rings be with you !

Requirements : Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0 or better.
Technologies : J2SE 1.5.0, Retroguard, Eclipse IDE

This is my entry for the wonderful Java 4K 2007 games contest. Have a look at the other entries here .

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