Maize Mazes

Maize Mazes and Maze design software
Jul '20

Maize Mazes

I was asked to design a maize maze and in the process I accidentally built maize maze design software, which came to good use because the design always changes :) Also the one maze became two. With COVID firm in mind, the maze was designed with 3 meter wide paths so everyone can pass each other safely. Learn more...

Jun '20


Perhaps you've clung to power for too long. With protests in the street and the army on the hand of the opposition it is time to grab the money and go! Escape on foot, by car and plane to your tropical island to retire peacefully, if you can get there alive! Expect fierce resistance in this VIC-20 action game where you play the bad guy! Learn more...

Oct '19

Decompiling Kotlin

Presented at NL-JUG JFall 2019, this talk takes my Kotlin research from a year ago and puts in a entertaining journey along some of the language features of Kotlin and how they look decompiled into Java or in bytecode form. This talk was rated as the 7th best talk at NL-JUG JFall out of about 50. Learn more...