The screen is divided in 3 areas : the Maze (top), Drawing (left-bottom) and Tile-Chooser (right-bottom). In the center is the control panel. To place a tile : click on the tile in the tile chooser and then click on the drawing area. The tile will now be placed. Drag the tile into its position. If you place a tile over another tile the bottom tile is deleted.

Execution of the maze pattern starts at the top-left corner of the editor box. And moves from left to right. When arriving at a test tile (such as the can I move ahead ?) if the condition is true, the next tile is the one on the right. If the condition is false (you cannot move ahead) the next tile will be the tile below that one.

Try to create the pattern on the left (which does the famous follow the wall algorithm).


The start button in the center panel (on the left) starts your pattern. During execution you can see which path the pattern follows in the editor. Executed tiles will have a red border. You can change the speed of execution by changing the speed value. Pressing the stop button will stop the pattern executing. You can resume by pressing the start button again.The reset button will restore the original state of the maze (no more paint :-)

Have Fun !
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