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Mandatory Movies

I love movies, especially if they have a dystopian theme to it. Some of the best:


Escape to your presidential retirement or die trying - a dark action game for the VIC-20!


Perhaps you've clung to power for too long. With oil prices at an all time low, coalition forces at the border and increasingly violent protests in the streets it is time to grab the money and go! Escape on foot, by car and plane to your tropical island to retire peacefully, if you can get there alive! Expect fierce resistance in this VIC-20 action game where you play the bad guy!

Overthrown is a 8K Cartridge Game for the VIC-20 where you play the soon to be ex-president of a corrupt oil state. Your goal is simple, escape to your private island without getting killed! Unfortunately everybody seems intent to stop you from reaching retirement so expect heavy resistance in the form of road barriers, mines, angry civilians, helicopters, airplanes and the navy. Points are scored for remaining cash and distance traveled.

The game consists of three sections, the first determines the amount of money you take with you, the second is an escape by car (and foot if the car breaks down) to the airport and the final stage is escape by air to your island. The game is controlled by joystick.

Release date: TBA

Although the game is feature complete it still needs some tweaking and tinkering :)


Title Screen Riots
Escape by Car Escape on Foot