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I love movies, especially if they have a dystopian theme to it. Some of the best:

Fire Breath

A previously unreleased C64 Game

Fire Breath

A relic from the past. I recently revived my C64 and found one of the games I made. I remember to have tried to get it published but the disk was returned witout comment so I suppose it was not good enough :-) Anyway, after having lied dormant for 26 years, I present to you: Fire Breath.

Fire Breath is a game about a fire breathing worm called 'Dozo'. He ate too much chillies, and jumped into the well to cool his tongue and now has to find its way above ground again.

Dozo cannot swim, so he must avoid water and the underground is populated with increasingly strange creatures that are deadly to the touch. Fortunately he has his fiery breath and various power-ups are lying around. To proceed to the next level all creatures need to be eliminated.

Can you guide Dozo back to the surface?

You can play Fire Breath in your favorite C64 emulator or on real hardware. Dozo is controlled by a Joystick in Port 2.


Title Screen The Well
First Level


Inspired by Bubble Bobble and probably Creatures I wrote this game in the summer of 1990.

I remember to have lots of discussion about and play testing the game with a friend Raymond who also opted the name Dozo for the game's main character.

The game was written using the machine language monitor of the KCS Power cartridge and bits of paper to keep track of the addresses of the variables.

The music and sound effects were made with Ubik's Music and is (badly) borrowed from an album by Jean Michel Jarre.

Highscore screen